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Manycom FTP Server Automation and Security

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When compared with a situation, where you have only the OS FTP server active providing no automation, security or log functions, this solution provides the following benefits:

  • allows automating FTP server transactions,
  • allow rejecting the usage of the specific FTP server operations and the local resources only for the authorized (i.e. configured) users,
  • improves security substantially also since allows using FTP login IDs and passwords, which do not need to be OS/400 or i5/OS user profiles and passwords (i.e. provides user mapping),
  • simplifies FTP client usage by allowing configuring default settings for the FTP clients such as default working library/directory, home directory, default naming format, etc.
  • allows following and controlling what really happens in the server,
  • makes it possible to provide better support to the FTP client users in normal and exception situations
  • reduces costs of manual operations
  • allows faster FTP operations with great volumes
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